Who we are

We are one of the Kurilian Bobtail cat breeders who are based in the United Kingdom. We met these fantastic cats on a cat show and instantly fall in love withlook, temperament and cuteness. 

Kurilian bobtail cats exist as short haired and long haired, we are focusing on the long hair cats.

We have a small Cattery in Portsmouth, UK. All our cats live with us in the house and they have a large, secure terrace to run around and keep themselves fit.  All our kittens from our Cattery will be friendly and social cats, used to be cuddled and groomed. We feed our cats good quality cat food. All our kittens from our Cattery will be registered with Felix Britannica (Fife), fully vaccinated and neutered (when moving as pet/hobby cat). 


Size: medium- large, 8 to 15lbs (3.6kg - 7kg)

Energy level: 3/5

Talkative: 2/5

Coat: short to long, thick and very silky 

Seeking: I love everyone 

Child friendly: yes 

Personality: extremely loving, friendly and laid back, extremely skilled hunter 

Learn about the Kurilian bobtail cat 

The lineage originates from the Kuril Islands, which is claimed by both Russia and Japan. There are also isolated populations of the breed in the neighbouring Russian Island of Sakhalin and Kamchatka.

The breed began to gain popularity in the late 1980's when scientists doing field research in the Kuril Island decided to bring along a few "specimens" back to the mainland for observation. The scientists initially thought that these cats were ferral and dangerous. However they were surprised when one of the wild looking cats approached them and did not even protest when petted. 

A few more specimens were brought back to Russia in the succeeding months. The breed was officially joined the ranks of the Soviet Felenology Federation in 1991. The Kurilian bobtails were officially accepted by TICA in 1994, followed by WCF and Fife in 1995. 


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